Elder Law

Elder Law as of the early 2000s a relatively new specialty devoted to the legal issues of Senior Citizens, including estate planning, health care, planning for incapacity or mental incompetence, the receipt of benefits, and employment discrimination. The beginning of elder law is the merging of several profound social developments. One phenomenon is a rapid increase in the elderly population. Another phenomenon is that generally, older U.S. citizens in the early 2000s are wealthier and better educated than ever before. These two circumstances have led to a rise in the collective political influence of older U.S. citizens. This newfound political strength has coincided with a trend toward cutting the government benefits and entitlements on which many elderly U.S. citizens depend. At the same time, healthcare costs have skyrocketed. Because of this confluence, more and more elderly U.S. citizens are seeking legal assistance to protect their financial interests. Rank My Attorney has a lawyer to help with Elder Law.



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