About Us

Rank My Attorney.com is owned and operated by SK AMERICA LLC. SK AMERICA LLC strives toward fostering the economy by developing products, goods, and services for the consumers that encourage them to engage in entrepreneurial ventures, attain optimal performance levels within their life roles, and experience the highest standards in customer care and service quality when interacting with our company. SK AMERICA LLC is a proud American company committed to the truth, answers, and excellence.

Following the parent company's commitment toward truth and excellence, Rank My Attorney.com is website that allows for attorneys, and possibly those that provide legal services, to be ranked by their clients and to advertise their services to a targeted audience.  There is no fancy algorithm or secret method that is then used to rank the attorneys.  The ranks are solely based on client satisfaction and the clients’ answers to the questions pertaining to their attorney.

Attorneys and service providers are not able to screen their rankings; therefore, the client rankings are based on first hand experiences. Those that are ranked will be notified by Rank My Attorney.com and given a chance to provide a rebuttal to the ranking but the ranking will still be used to calculate the overall rank.  Rankings can be performed without expense to the client and are not affected by those choosing to advertise with Rank My Attorney.com. This pure and simple method employed by Rank My Attorney.com coupled with the simple user interface make Rank My Attorney.com one of the world's best collection of accolades and critiques of those providing legal services.

There are many times in one's life when choosing excellent legal services are necessary; during this often challenging time, Rank My Attorney.com provides important and truthful information about legal service providers.